Mane n Tail Micellar Shampoo and Conditioner Combo 331ml

Mane n Tail Micellar Shampoo and Conditioner Combo 331ml

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Less stress on your tresses, cuts down styling time and gets your hair amazingly clean while protecting and repairing all at the same time. Works wonders on all hair types, running the gamut from kinky, curly to straight and everything in between. 

 Biotin-infused (B-7), to help create healthier hair with essential vitamins proteins that revitalize and fortify strands, while encouraging hair growth by keeping hair stronger and longer

 Vegan formula-created with vegan-friendly ingredients

 Refreshing, Indulgent scent

 Micellar molecules attract dirt, sebum in your hair and scalp, so it can easily be washed away gently without being too harsh on the hair while removing excessive styling product buildup to detoxify even more!

 Breakage reduction by imparting detangling properties during both the shampoo and conditioning steps, a process that will also reduce split ends. The results are silky, shiny, strong hair, encouraging soft supple curls or straight smooth tresses.

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